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Blocked Email

We are sorry that you are having trouble sending mail to us or to our customers. We have been forced to initiate very aggressive anti-spam measures because the volume of incoming Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) was affecting the ability of our servers to process legitimate mail.

Your mail was rejected for one of the following reasons:

  • The mail was sent from a dynamic IP address. Please use your ISP's mail server to send mail. Contact your ISP for assistance.
  • Your IP address has sent UCE
  • Your IP address is that of a known spammer.
  • Your IP address is listed in SORBS, SBL-XBL, or SPAMCop.
    We will investigate if you include your IP address in the form below, but you will need to contact your ISP to get the RBL listing corrected.

SPAM Blocking Statistics

If you feel your mail has been blocked incorrectly, please complete the form below and we will investigate. We do not want to block legitimate mail from reaching our customers and will make every effort to resolve the issue. All fields are requred.



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