Real-time Web Page

This is a demonstration of a web-based application available from Sean Casey & Associates, LLC.

There are two parts:
A web page that simulates the web page (or pages) which would appear at your web site.
A copy of the application used to populate the web page.

At the left of this page are three links.
The Instructions link will display this page.
The Refresh link will display or refresh the sample web page.
The Application link will open the Maintenance Application.

The sample web page and application have these features--
Entry and display of a "Code" used in the subject line of the pre-programmed email response.
Entry and display of an area of free-form text that you can use to describe your products or services
Entry of an email address which is used for the pre-programmed email response.

The application also stores free-form "Admin Notes" for your use in managing your entries. The "Admin Notes" are not displayed on the web page

The content and layout of both the displayed web page and the application are completely customizable. We are able to format and display the information you enter in any way you wish. We would typically replace the [Contact Us About This Item] links with a suitable graphic specific to your product or service.

Please feel free to "play" with this demonstration. Add, Change and Delete entries in the Application, and see the effect on the sample web page.

For more information, please contact Sean Casey & Associates, LLC

(--The application would normally be run by entering http://www.yourdomain.com/admin/ in the Address or Location area of your web browser. We feel that having an actual link to the Maintenance Application is not wise on a "live" web site.

The Maintenance Application would be secured when installed on your web site. This demonstration is NOT secured.--)