[During what was (I suspect) a part of Robb's mid-life crisis, he compiled this list of people born the same year that most of the Brotherhood was born ~Sean]
In November of 1998, Robb commented thus:
My list of people born in '46 wasn't the result of a mid life crisis. I haven't reached adulthood yet, let alone mid life. It was prompted by the 30th reunion and later by everyone turning 50, which was actually a long time ago now.

Famous people born in 1946

Loni Anderson

August 5

Hanan Ashrawil


Candice Bergen

May 9

Barry Bostwick



May 20

Connie Chung

August 20

Bill Clinton

August 19

Fred Dryer

July 6

Patty Duke

December 14

Sandy Duncan

February 20

Lola Falana

September 11

Sally Field

November 6

Al Green

April 13

Joe Greene


Cynthia Gregory

July 8

Greg Gumbel

May 3

Gregory Hines

February 14

Catfish Hunter


Mary Beth Hurt

September 26

Reggie Jackson


Tommy Lee Jones

September 15

Naomi Judd

January 11

Steve Kanaly

March 14

Diane Keaton

January 5

Gloria Loring

December 20

David Lynch

January 20

Barry Manilow

June 7

Cheech Marin

July 13

Peter Martins

October 27

Lisa Minnelli

March 12

Don Mitchell


Craig T. Nelson

April 4

Michael Onikean

January 24

Ozzy Osbourne

December 3

Dolly Parton

January 19

Priscilla Presley

May 24

Billy Preston

September 9

Robert Reich

June 24

Hanna Suchoka

April 3

Linda Ronstadt

July 15

Susan St. James

August 14

Susan Sarandon

October 4

Ted Shackelford

June 23

Talia Shire

April 25

Ron Silver

July 2

Gene Siskel

January 26

Erika Slater

August 5

Sylvester Stallone

July 6

Oliver Stone

September 15

Twiggy (Leslie Hornby)

September 9

Donald Trump


Robert Ulrich

December 19

Ben Vareen

October 10

Lesley Ann Warren

August 26

Andre Watts

June 20

Jan Wenner

January 7

Jimmy Webb


Desmond Wilson

October 13

Neil Young

November 12

* Month & Day
not available

I don't know all the Brother's birthdates. We surely should be added to this list with allowances for Rod, Gary Staab and Travis for having the affrontery to be born in other years. Robb.

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